Monday, April 28, 2008


Earthday, Tuesday April 22. New York City.

It’s 7am and Edward has just arrived at the Today Show studio. We’re welcomed by a nice producer who prepped the interview. Edward is going to be able to talk about Strange Days and our campaign encouraging people to stop using plastic bags. He’s asked to hand out reusable bags to the crowd outside. Great that even the Today show is going green—at least for today. 7:40 and he’s taken to the “couch.” I’m invited along to watch from inside the studio. But today is no normal day. Mrs. Bush is a guest also. As a result, I’m not let in and watch on a monitor in the green room. The interview goes well. Matt Lauer seems to be a genuine fan. With a day to the broadcast, I hope that it will convince some folks to tune in. And who knows, it might even get some to think about their use of plastic.

I had to laugh. As I was hustling to the subway to catch my flight back home, I look up and spot “plastic man.” Here is this guy covered in plastic bags. I had to meet him and get his picture. He and his buddy are traveling the country on behalf of the environment. And plastic man is a Stanford grad. What a kick. I’ll find out more about what he’s up to and post it when I do.

--Mark Shelley

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Miss Red said...

Just wanted to say thanks for bringing people's attention to this issue. My new year's resolution this year was to not use plastic bags and it really is so easy. I wish some of the stores would jump on board by either creating a surcharge for the bags or giving a discount for customers who bring their own. While on a visit to Switzerland recently bags were only available through purchase and they were paper. In grocery stores in the Southeast where I live people almost look at you strangely if you bring your own bags or make rude comments that plastic bags are biodegradable. *sigh* Unfortunately, I think things won't change very quickly unless people are given an incentive to change.