Friday, May 29, 2009

At The Last Stretch

A Think Beyond Plastics Film Festival

It has been crazy busy time for us all. Why did we ever think that a film festival is not that hard to put together? Tells you how much experience we have in doing that.
Well, what we did not know, we compensated with great willingness to succeed.
Our whole team continues to perform miracles. We have signed up partners, we have received sponsorships, our ads are all over the Monterey Peninsula - radio, newspapers. And of course, since we are so good at new media, we are all over with a Facebook page, fans and twitter followers.
We are so pleased that Earthbound Farms offered their sponsorship, as well as The Monterey Peninsula Weekly.
Everyone is worried about whether people will actually come - but I am not. Our goal is to raise awareness of the cause and by simply advertising and working with the partners we have already accomplished so much.
Think Beyond Plastics!

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