Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mayors' Ocean Summit

On Friday, August 29, 2009 a one day event was hosted by West Marine for mayors of coastal cities from Crescent City to Santa Barbara, to discuss the dangers of plastic pollution.

The following city and state officials were in attendance: 

Hon. Sam Farr
Congress member, 17th district 

Hon. Bill Monning 
Assemblyman, 27th District

John Laird, Member
Waste Management Commission of the State of California

Sue McCloud, Mayor
Rich Guillen , City Manager 

Gregg Carty, Mayor
Dave Duflinger, City Manager

Del Rey Oaks
Joseph P. Russell, Mayor

Half Moon Bay 
John Muller, Mayor

Pacific Grove
Dan Cort, Mayor

Chuck Della Sala, Mayor

Morro Bay 
Betty Winholtz, Mayor

Santa Monica
Ken Genser, Mayor

Julie Lancelle, Mayor
Don Eagleston, Chamber of Commerce

Dennis Donohue, Mayor

Santa Cruz 
Cynthia Mathews, Mayor
Katherine Beiers, Council Member
Ryan Coonerty, Council Member
Tony Madrigal, Council Member
Fred Keeley, County Assessor

Ralph Rubio, Mayor

Antonio Rivas, Mayor
Carlos Palacios, City Manager

For more on the event, topics discussed and photos, visit this website:

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